Modernize rural

water monitoring and automation

A water system for a changing planet.

Save Money, TIME and WATER

Whether it’s a tank, water meter, or even a well, has a solution. The service platform lets you monitor your water system remotely and helps you save precious resources like money, time and water.

Pays for itself on the first detected leak

Saves manual labor on data gathering

Avoids catastrophe by keeping you informed on water availability

Success Stories

Learn about the stories of our early adopters and the problems has solved for them.

Our system

— simple and intuitive.

The com-box connects one or more devices to the cloud. The com-box can be powered by AC or a DC source such as solar, and wind.

The system lets you remotely monitor and manage your water from your smartphone. All of our monitoring systems are designed for rugged environments and can be deployed in rural areas– no WiFi or power required. With you can stay informed effortlessly and save water at a low cost.

Tank Level

Flow meter


System geolocation



Grid & off grid powered

Cloud hosted application

Remote monitoring

Remote control of valves and pumps

Leak detection